Current Yoga Schedule

Yoga at Sangha Space

Sangha yoga classes are designed for ALL LEVELS and are ongoing. Our instructors are skilled at helping each student reach their potential in each class and are mindful that the needs of individuals vary from day to day. Let Sangha become part of your yoga practice. Click for some Yoga FAQs. We love emails from you with complete sentences in letter format.

Class Schedule

YG-001 Yoga: All classes are all levels – ongoing.  Learn more about each class HERE.  Please be on time ;)

Mondays 6 pm Jean Hopkins – Beginner Flow Side Bends Integration
Tuesdays 6 pm Emily Dozor – Intermediate Flow Breath/Movement Self-Realization
Wednesdays 6 pm Pamela Lee – Yoga Together Feeling Exploratory Feeling Grounded
Thursdays 6 pm Lori Coyle – Progressive Practice Puzzle Pieces The Journey
Fridays 6 pm Jenna Murray – Moon Flow Gratitude Pathways/Possibilities
Saturdays 10 am Mandie Banks – Beginner Flow  Feeling Grounded Peace and Love
Sundays 10 am Pamela Lee – Yoga Together Feeling Exploratory Feeling Grounded

Purchase Options

All classes are Drop-in-Able! Drop-in classes only $18

Register for our DAY OF THE WEEK COURSES and SAVE! Only $48 for a month of Mondays (or Tuesdays, or Thursdays, or… well, you get it!) Start your DOTW Course HERE.

Discounted classes with the purchase of a class card:
– 8 classes for $120- Class cards EXPIRE 3 months after purchase
– 8 classes for $96 for full time student/senior-Class cards EXPIRE 3 months after purchase
– 30 Day Unlimited Yoga classes for only $99

Class Card Options

“Yoga at Sangha is for those who want to learn yoga the right way, or fine-tune an advanced practice in a nurturing environment. Pamela and Emily both have an excellent knowledge of physiognomy and body-movement mechanics. They are also gifted instructors; they know when to give practical advice and when to give spiritual advice in the form of metaphors and ways of conceptualizing the pose. This is the best studio in the western suburbs.” — Dr. Shannon Greene